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Here is the bookmarklet.  Copy it to your favorites toolbar via drag and drop or menu.


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Author: Doug Weems

Are you a freeper?  I am. (Free Republic)  I have been posting, reading and commenting for over 10 years.  It is a lot of fun, but posting new articles are difficult.

A few years ago, I tried to use some of my development skills to build a search site that would provide a link to help post to FR.  It sometimes worked well, but it was hard to maintain.  I abandoned it as I went through jobs and a failed coffee shop business.

I continued to think about making FR tools and along the way I discovered a great browser tool called bookmarklets (see my “What’s a bookmarklet Blog”) and a wonderful javascript library called JQuery.  With a little experimenting I have put together some great Freeper Tools!

This one you run when you have found a news article that you think would be great to share to the Free Republic community.

After saving the bookmarklet to your favorites, you are ready.

As you read an article, you decide if it is Freep worthy.  If it is, you click the “FR Post This” link.  A window pops up, the site is checked against the list of sites that have restrictions on posting to FR (some prohibit it, some require excerpts, some only links).  Almost nothing is worse than filling out a Post and then having it rejected because of site restrictions. :-(

What a bookmarklet looks like in Chrome

Search Bookmarklet link in Chrome


The “FR Post This” tool warns you of restrictions.  If there are excerpt or link restrictions, an Alert is shown.  You then click to proceed to the FR news posting page.  If no restrictions, then you automatically go to the page.  As many fields are filled in (Author, link, title, keywords, body, date) as possible.  Some editing may be required, but the overall process is pretty easy.  You do have to already be logged in to FR for the link to work.

Here is the bookmarklet.  Copy it to your favorites toolbar via drag and drop or menu.


Before posting, use the “FR Search” bookmarklet to see if the article has already been posted.  It is best if the numbers of duplicate threads are reduced.

Any questions can be freepmailed to me or left in comments on this page.


Other Free Republic Tools

  • Freeper Blocker – tool to temporarily hide annoying Freepers… yeah there are some. :-)
  • Freeper Reply All – click this to build a list to reply to all freepers on a thread

* “FR Post This” is a very sophisticated Bookmarklet. It loads the version 1.9 of the standard JQuery library from CDN, and it loads the script file from my server. That file contains the restriction lists of sites and selectors for gathering author, date, etc from the news articles. You are free to open and exam this script file and you can inspect the bookmarklet script by looking at it’s properties or selecting edit.

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